Tapping Torque Test System

The best in torque thread tapping.


Rapid and Relevant Lubricant Testing

High quality machining is the top goal for all metalworking fluids but one of the most persistent challenges is how to improve product performance in the laboratory. Tribology equipment often uses time-consuming procedures and costly test pieces which depend on mathematical calculations and simulations rather than actual metalworking operations.

Microtap USA’s LT-120 TTT System utilizes a precision, instrumented tapping machine from Tauro┬« to provide researchers with test procedures that are relevant to actual machining operations, economical to use, rapid to perform, and easy to analyze. The net result is that product modifications, manufacturing quality and competitive product performance can be measured quickly and quantitatively.

Precise Measurement

The LT-120 features many improvements compared to other tapping torque testers and our previous models. In a typical study torque is measured each millisecond giving detailed information, rapid response and control throughout the test. The synchronous servo motor provides extremely smooth performance at both high and low speeds. Maximum torque is about 70 percent higher than competitive machines and speed is regulated precisely at values as low as 50 rpm compared to 300 rpm for competitive machines. This ensures the ability to perform in difficult test situations such as form tapping of tool or stainless steels where low rpm and high torque are required. Vertical displacement of the tap is measured directly rather than estimated and is repeatable to 0.1 mm. The Microtap USA autotable has both manual and automatic settings and an indexing accuracy of 30 microns to avoid misalignment from hole to hole. Microtap USA TestBars have up to 120 precisely drilled and reamed test holes for both economy and to avoid test material variability during testing.

Advanced Control and Reporting Capabilities

Data is exchanged between the LT-120 and its TauroLink software via ethernet cable. Software controls the tap speed and torque limit while collecting and analyzing the data. Repeat runs are automatically averaged and displayed; results can be exported as image files for presentations or Excel-compatible csv files for further analysis. The software license covers multiple installations allowing users to work at the machine or create reports on their own PCs.

taurolink software

State of the Art Technology

Multiple controllers are used for improved data collection. One processor controls depth while a second controls tap speed and torque. Control is very fast with the torque measured constantly to stop the drive before a tap is broken or a workpiece is damaged. Test initiation and commonly changed test settings such as RPM are readily controlled by the TauroLink software and the tapping unit has a large color display with clear menus and prompts for more detailed setup and functional control of the operation. Torque, tap depth and speed are continuously monitored with icons indicating the quality of each tapping event immediately after the run. Up to 99 separate setups can be stored in the LT-120 allowing easy recall of custom procedures.