Thread Machining with Tauro®

Based on a counter-balance system, the spindle is free floating to avoid any axial force on the thread tapping tool and workpiece. The tool pulls itself into the workpiece utilizing the pitch of the tap. Depth is controlled by the measurement system at all times. Remachining threads is easy and risk free since the tool always finds an existing thread again.

Simple Operation

Clearly presented menu-driven operations allow the user to simply input the working parameters using a 4.3“ TFT LCD color display with a rotary encoder and push buttons. Typical entries are torque, depth, speed, thread and hole type cutting or forming, blind or through, etc. The tool is held by a quick-change system and the spindle operates using preset parameters for precise depth and sequence.

Intelligent Control Unit

The high capacity processors of each single module are networked together. One processor controls the depth while a second processor monitors the drive and the torque. The control and display are operated by a third processor. Control is very fast since the drive has its own processor to constantly measure torque to stop the tap before the tool is broken or the workpiece is damaged if torque is exceeded.

Quality Evaluation

The intelligent control unit assures secure processing and quality evaluation. Parameter monitoring occurs during operation with the results displayed immediately on the TFT display. Data reported includes error-free machining verification, monitoring of operation, excessive torque, tool wear, or pilot hole too large or small.

Dynamic Drive

The highly dynamic synchronous servo motor of the Tauro has complex control engineering to ensure extremely smooth-running performance at low and high speeds. Even the use of carbide tools is possible.